Car scratch repair tips

how to fix scratches on car - Get the scratches on your car removed at
Did your car get scratched? Scraped? Chipped? Or Scuffed? Automotosolutions
has a few tips to share with you regarding car scratches.

Step 1: Clean Area well
Step 2: Wet Sand
Step 3: Buff
Step 4: Polish
Step 5: Wax
Step 6: Final Clean

how to fix scratches on car
- For more tips on how to remove car scratches and other auto repairs, subscribe to our channel and visit our website at for a free estimate on car scratch removal.

Automoto Solution is the premier choice for cosmetic autobody restoration within the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We can aesthetically revamp your bumpers by repairing chipped paint, scratches, spider-webbing, fading, and other cosmetic ailments that detract from their beauty.

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